Restaurant Review: Potbelly Sandwich Shop

May 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

There are so many Potbellys scattered around the downtown DC area, and now I know why! Potbelly is a sandwich chain, with a menu of signature sandwiches such as meatball, chicken salad, turkey, mediterranean, etc., as well as salads and sides. They offer both white and wheat breads, which I found far superior to Subway. The sandwiches automatically are toasted, and the bread becomes deliciously crusty and chewy.

I ordered the turkey sandwich in the original size. The sandwich is sliced in half and wrapped up (half is pictured above). It’s filled with plenty of meat, and the meat tastes fresh and unprocessed. Additionally, toasting the sandwich makes it sturdier and not apt to turn soggy from the vegetables and condiments. The original size sandwich is just under $5, making it in my opinion a far better deal than many other sandwich chains. I will definitely frequent this place many more times over the summer for a quick and reasonably priced meal.


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