Restaurant Review: Sweetgreen

June 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

First – I promise I am going to stop eating out all the time! I went to Trader Joe’s and bought $40’s worth of food that I can use for lunch and dinner. In fact, I am currently microwaving a sweet potato as I write this post! But before I stocked my fridge, I had brunch with a few friends at this place on George Washington University campus called Sweetgreen. It is a similar concept to Chop’t, as both have a make-your-own salad option. The place was pretty empty for noon on a Sunday, and first we were worried that it wasn’t open.

The price and selection are comparable to Chop’t. At Sweetgreen, you start off with a lettuce base and 4 free vegetable toppings at around $6. Then you can add cheeses and meat for an additional cost. I chose a romaine base with tomatoes, roasted broccoli, mushrooms, cucumbers, and a dijon mustard dressing. They ask if you would like light, medium, or heavy dressing, and the light option was definitely plenty. I added half an avocado for $1.25. It was a terrific decision – they literally scoop out half a perfectly ripe avocado and mix it into the salad.

On the side, I got a big piece of multigrain bread. I enjoyed the bread a lot; it was soft on the inside and had a great chewy crust. Sorry about the odd green tint to the photos – not sure how that happened! Maybe I accidentally left the setting on night vision…

The size of the salad was a lot smaller than the ones at Chop’t, though I appreciated the more diverse topping options. The roasted broccoli was delicious, and the mushrooms were cooked (I despise raw mushrooms!). The avocado chunks were the best part, and of course I left them for last. I think I’m done with salad places though. I could make them same salad for so much cheaper, if I put in a little effort and go out and buy all the ingredients, and now I can, with my recent grocery load!


Restaurant Review: Chop’t Creative Salad Company

May 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Sorry for the unpicturesque photo! I took it after my meal was half eaten. For lunch today all of the interns decided to venture out into the neighborhood to grab a bite. A few of us wanted to check up Chop’t, a place down the block where people were lining up outside the door. The concept is pretty simple – pick a salad base, toppings, and then the person behind the counter uses a multi-knife contraception to rapidly chop up the mixture into bite size pieces. It’s nice because salad is usually such a messy meal to eat. The people work so quickly that the I got my food in no time, despite the large amount of customers. I picked a romaine base with eggs, carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas, and their spa ranch dressing.

It was a massive salad – mostly volume from the romaine lettuce, but I definitely could not finish the entire thing in one sitting. The ingredients were fresh and crispy, and I loved the spa ranch. Their line of spa dressings caters to the health conscious, and the spa ranch had a very mild and light taste. They also gave me a random piece of tortilla with my salad.

One complaint I had is that you receive 4 free toppings with the base of the salad ($5ish), but once you are up to the counter choosing the toppings, there is nothing letting you know which toppings are included in the free category and which costs extra. So egg whites, avocado, meats and cheeses all have an additional fee. Still, I got an enormous, healthy meal for about $7, so I can’t complain.

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