Food Truck Review: Far East Taco Grille

May 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Finally I ate at a non-chain food place! I promise this will happen more often. At lunch today I was in a hurry so I decided to grab something to eat at one of the many food trucks lined up outside the office. There was such a variety of cuisines, but I decided to go to the one that seemed the most popular. Far East Taco Grille looked promising. It is a fusion of Mexican and Korean cuisines.

The truck offers a make-your-own taco set up. You first pick a protein (steak, pork, chicken, tofu), then a topping, and a sauce. You either get a corn or flour tortilla, and 1 taco is $3 and 3 tacos is $8. I decided upon a steak taco topped with kimchi relish, salsa roja, and onion and lime, in a corn tortilla. The line was a bit slow, but worth the wait! The kimchi is deliciously crunchy and spicy, and the meat is cooked Korean style, a little sweet and spicy. The steak was a bit fatty and juicy, and all the flavors worked well together. The corn tortilla provided a pleasantly soft and slightly sweet backdrop.

My only complaint is that the steak was maybe a touch too sweet. Then again, I much prefer savory foods over sweet foods, and usually dislike the sweet-and-sour combination. But overall, great fusion place, though I do wish the line would move along a bit faster. I guess people just had trouble deciding between all the interesting options.


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