Restaurant Review: The Little Salad Shop

November 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

I finally visited New Haven’s only dedicated salad shop, The Little Salad Shop, located on High Street. It’s a cute little place, too small to eat in, but easy to drop-in and order a custom-made salad. I ran there one night when a conference call ran over so I missed dinner in the dining hall. At these salad places I like to take advantage of the build-your-own salad. A basic salad with greens, 4 vegetable toppings, cheese, and dressing is $7, and a protein costs $2 more.

I choose romaine, and added on tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, hardboiled eggs, and roasted red peppers, with roasted turkey on top. Unfortunately I went later at night and they were out of some toppings like palm hearts. Let me tell you, they do not skimp on the portions! All the goodies were piled and packed tightly into a large cardboard carton, with two pieces of bread included. The box must have weighed at least 2 pounds. You definitely get your $9 worth – I could not eat this all in one sitting.

The ingredients were fresh and the turkey was tender and added a nice flavorful protein boost. I do wish that the toppings could have been mixed into the salad a bit better, instead of just being thrown on top of the lettuce. Some of the pieces were a bit unwieldy to eat since nothing is chopped up. Then again, I might just be spoiled from Chop’t and Sweetgreen in DC over the summer. However, this is a great healthful way to get in your daily vegetable servings. If this location were closer to where I live, I could see myself going a lot more frequently.


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