Restaurant Review: Mamoun’s

November 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Mamoun’s is a New Haven staple. It is a cozy little Middle Eastern place with cheap prices, making it a popular spot for many students. On one blisteringly cold night last week, I ventured out from my corner of campus on a mile-long trek to Mamoun’s with a few friends.

It was the end of Thanksgiving break so the restaurant was pretty empty at 7pm, yet there was still a warm and comforting atmosphere. The menu is pretty simple – there are vegetarian and meat choices, and you can get it in a sandwich (in a piece of pita) or on a platter. I choose the hummus sandwich, which was an unheard of $3.50. I also ordered a small hot tea.

The sandwich was great. Inside a rather large piece of pita bread were tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and plenty of creamy, rich hummus. In fact, there was so much hummus that I needed utensils to eat the sandwich in order to avoid making a mess. It’s hard to find good hummus, but this was it – savory, not too sour, thick, and smooth. 


The tea came in a cup that was laughably small. It looked like a shot-glass, only in a dixie cup. Granted, it was only $1, but I still expected more than two sips. 

Overall, a great place to grab some delicious food, but come for the cheap food, and don’t expect too much else – paper plates, plastic utensils, and small dixie cups are what you are going to get.


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