Restaurant Review: Das Ethiopian

August 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve never had Ethiopian food before, so I was really excited for our dinner last night in Georgetown at a place called Das Ethiopian.

The restaurant has a very classy feel, with white linen tablecloth and a bottle of sparkling water on every table. It was pretty quiet for 7PM on a Saturday, though when we walked by later that night around 9PM it seemed very crowded.

I think the servers are used to people who are not familiar with Ethiopian cuisine so they were very helpful with explaining the dishes and accommodating our needs. All of the dishes were served on large pieces of spongy flat bread called injera. You are supposed to pick up your food with the bread, hence the lack of silverware. We also received a side of rolled up pieces of injera.

The server told us that normally people order a few dishes and it all comes to the table on a large platter for sharing, family style, though we decided to separate our orders since we wanted different things. I ordered the harvest vegetable stew, which consisted of cauliflower, string beans, and carrots with tomatoes. My platter also included some cabbage, a little pile of lentils, and some more bread with a vinegary dressing. The stew was my favorite – it was hearty and well-cooked, and the tomato-based sauce was great with the various vegetables. It was a bit hard to pick up large pieces of string bean with the bread, so after about five minutes I did ask for a fork.

The injera was interesting. It had a sourdough-like taste and a spongy texture, good for soaking up the sauces. By itself I wouldn’t consider it tasty (especially since I am not a big fan of the sour taste), but it was a nice accompaniment to the other dishes.

This entree was about $14. The food itself was not worth the price, though the upscale environment made the experience worth the cost.


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