Restaurant Review: Georgetown Cupcake

July 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve completed my Georgetown cupcake tour with the first and most famous establishment, Georgetown Cupcake! My friend and I went directly after work on a very hot afternoon, hoping to beat the crowds. We came at a good time – instead of a line around the block, we only had to wait outside for 10 minutes before stepping in to order.

The menu is quite extensive and all the cupcakes had mouthwatering descriptions. After some pondering, we decided to split the mint chocolate and one of the July specials, the marble brownie fudge. I also got a vanilla to go to bring to a friend. Each cupcake was about palm-sized, cost $2.75, and had quite a generous ratio of frosting to cake.

The mint chocolate was not my favorite. I did like the mint frosting more than I usually like frostings. It was fluffy and light, almost with a whipped texture, and a nice refreshing mint taste. The cake portion was your basic chocolate cake base, moist but pretty boring. It was really pretty to look at though. This variety is only available on Mondays.

The marble fudge brownie more than made up for any disappointments caused by the mint chocolate. This flavor is only available in July so everyone should try it before it is too late. It was insanely tasty. The base is a chewy, fudge brownie with chunks of  rich cheesecake-like filling. The frosting was actually really good as well – not too sweet, with a hint of sour cream, and deliciously smooth on the tongue. I usually am not impressed by most desserts, so if I say something is incredible, it definitely is out of the ordinary. This flavor appealed to me because it wasn’t tooth-achingly sweet.

I would have to say that Georgetown Cupcake has beat out both Baked and Wired and Sprinkles for the place of best cupcakes, at least in Georgetown, solely for the marble fudge brownie. There are so many other flavors that sound delicious, like the pumpkin and the PB fudge. Obviously, the downside is the long wait, but if you come at the right time you shouldn’t have to endure the heat for too long. In the end, the place is not that overrated, and I was not disappointed despite the extremely high expectations.


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