Restaurant Review: Froggy Bottom Pub

June 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Froggy Bottom Pub, located on the George Washington University campus, is probably the last place I would expect to find pho, but this traditional Vietnamese noodle soup is one of their specialties! It has its own insert in the menu, between the requisite line-up of burgers and pizzas.

I ordered the beef pho (with rare flank steak) and extra mixed vegetables on top. The service was really friendly and fast. We got our water almost immediately and the huge steaming bowls of pho arrived 5-10 minutes after our order. I’ve never seen pho with these types of vegetables (broccoli and carrots), but as you probably know by now I love all types of greens and they didn’t take anything away from the dish.

The flank steak was hidden underneath the pile of vegetables. There were large, thin slices of the steak. I waited a bit too long to eat the meat so it was well-done instead of rare by the time I got to it, but it was still very tender.

The broth was tasty but nothing to call home about, so to speak. It had a good savory flavor but lacked the richness and depth of the kind of broth you know has been stewing for hours and hours. The noodles were almost an after thought – a bit overcooked for my preferences. The portions were generous though, and I barely could make a dent in the noodles after all the delicious toppings.

D.C. is rather lacking in good pho places, and I think Froggy Bottom Pub is one of the only establishments that serves pho in the Foggy Bottom area, so it probably is popular among the area’s college students. The price was reasonable – my bowl with the additional vegetables was $8.50. The atmosphere of the place was really nice and relaxed, and the service was really friendly. I may go back to try some of their other dishes.


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