Restaurant Review: Pizzeria Paradiso

June 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last night we went to Pizzeria Paradiso to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It is located on P Street near Dupont Circle and is a fine restaurant for a breezy summer night, as part of the building can be opened to the outdoors. It is a very popular, bustling place, and when our group of 7 arrived at around 8 on a Sunday night we sat at the bar for about half an hour before getting a table.

The menu offers an assortment of specialty pizzas with the option of adding on more toppings for an extra cost. All of the choices sounded delicious and I ended up splitting a small “Siciliana” with a friend. This is a tomato-based pizza topped with zuchinni, onions, sweet peppers, mozzerella, pecorino, and supposedly eggplant (though I don’t think the pizza we got had eggplant! I was sad). A small 8-inch was $14.

The pizza actually was much larger than I imagined. It was cut into four generous slices and my friend and I split it half and half – the perfect amount for a filling dinner. The pizza had a thin, light and chewy crust, large pieces of stringy and melted cheese, and an abundance of vegetables. I usually prefer a thicker crust, but the ratio of crust to toppings was great, and the crust wasn’t cracker-like or fragile as some are.

There is a great selection of additional toppings that are $1.50-2.50 each, including mushrooms, eggplant, lamb sausage, mussels and various other gourmet meats and cheeses. They definitely do not skimp on the amount of topping either! For what you get, the price is worth it. The plain tomato and mozzerella pie starts at $11, though if you want a lot of extra toppings it may be a better idea to chose one of the specialty pizzas. The 8-inch pies range from $11 to $14, and the 12-inch from $16-19.

It was an especially nice occasion because they brought out a little tiramisu lit with a candle for my friend’s birthday. The waitstaff were pretty efficient and friendly – I noticed one of them grinning as we all gushed about how delicious the pizza was. I would recommend this place to anyone – in my opinion it tops the famous Pepe’s in New Haven!


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