Restaurant Review: FroZen Yo

May 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m in DC as an intern for the summer so expect to see lots of restaurant reviews for the area. Today was Memorial Day and the weather was sweltering. I went with a group of friends to catch the National Parade down Constitutional Avenue. The temperature was probably in the 90s and after about an hour of standing under the blazing sun, we were ready to hit up a summer favorite – frozen yogurt!

I’ve been to plenty of frozen yogurt places, and FroZen Yo has a familiar setup. It is self-serve, so you grab a cup and fill up on different flavors and toppings. I forgot the exact price per ounce but I think it’s around 40 cents. There were about twenty different flavors of frozen yogurt, ranging from the classic chocolate, tart, and vanilla, to cheesecake and pistachio. I didn’t see anything truly out of the ordinary. I got a combination of the original tart and the pistachio.

I always say you can tell the quality of a frozen yogurt place by its original tart flavor. After all, this is the base from which other flavors are made, right? FroZen Yo’s tart was a bit lackluster and possibly more sour than I expected. The pistachio didn’t taste like the nut but had a pleasant sweetness which I enjoyed. The texture of the frozen yogurt was creamy, not icy, which was also a plus.

The place was really crowded and there was not good seating, but what else can you expect for a place in the middle of DC during a holiday weekend? It was a refreshing break from the afternoon heat, though nothing out of the ordinary.


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